Make it you & Ski-doo!
Improvements for 1983.
New hood color - "ice orange"

A better drive chain.

Everest type starter handle.

Voltage regulator mounted on unpainted surface.

Improved shield for the muffler.

Plastic wheels on the rear  axle. 

Improved mounting for the carb. The erlier had a tendency to vibrate loose.

Improved breakwire.

Improved electrics on the rear light.

Ski-doo said:
Tough, manouvrebale, reliabale! For hunting, trapping or just a days fishing theres nothing like Elan. Absolutley nothing!

For either hard pack or deep powder you wont find a more versitale, economical little sled or a better seccond sled for familly fun then... Elan!

Well, who could argue about that?

Total production was 2295.
Lettinīthat Rotax rip! Yes, its a Kawasaki Invader overall my brothers wearing!
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