There can be only one! The 250 was the only Elan model left (not counting european 250 F kit) for 1981.

The front suspension was strengthend for 1981 and the black chassie was back. Total production was 6700 including 400 for the european market (J. A. Bombardier museum).
Above and below. The longtrack kit was improved for a smother ride. Bombardier Corp.
Right. A 250,4 cc 13 hp Rotax is all you need! Notice the starter. This was a sad thing on the sleds made between 1971-1980. Those made after was much better. Bombardier Corp.
Back in black! Bombardier Corp.
Of course he drives Ski-doo - nothing else will Ždoo!
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Above. Notice the horn. A snowmobile had to be eqipped with it according to swedish law.  The dealer had tons of horns that nobody wanted! Also notice the leather straps for fastening skies on the tunnel. Bombardier Corp.