Lots of news for 1980. Élan 250 got a new carbourator this year. The Tillostson was exchanged for a Mikuni VM 28 and a separate fuel pump and primer instead of choke was introduced. Also new for 1980 was the seat. The new windhield was thinner and with a new fastening device with rubberbands. The 247 engine power was increased to a whopping 13 hp. Displacement was increased from 247cc to 250,4cc due to larger bore - 69,5mm.

The two cylinder Deluxe was gone, never to return. In Sweden there was a 250F kit avalibale. It was a 38cm/353cm longtrack for better deep snow performance.

Total production was 6205 including 250 for the european market
(J. A. Bombardier museum).
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