For 78 there were two models in north america - 250 and Deluxe. In Sweden there were three models to choose from. The Elan performed quite well in the snow compared to other sleds at the time but good could be better. For the european market the 353cm longtrack Élan 250 F was the answer. The drawback of the long track was the handling. It didnt turn as well as the short 250. The skis were still small and the front end low. The sled still pushed the snow in front of it instead of floating over it. My 250 F is no match for my MXZ in the powder! Well, thats what they call evolution...

The Elan is not a heavy sled but when you get stuck for the tenth time that day you kind of wish for a hotter engine, larger skis, and a track with more bite, or even better - arm muscels like the incredible hulk!

Elan is not a machomachine but it is not a 100% children sled either. It takes a balance act of body weight to realy get things going in the snow. You cant just sit back and steer it around! Now, maybe this sounds like the Elan is boring sled. Nothin could be more wrong! It is a hole lotta fun! Just dont compare it with a new sled. It wont do 80 mph but it will shot through those tight trees like no other!

A hotter engine was to be found in the Elan Deluxe. In 1978 it still had the 250 two cylinder engine with 19 hp and bogie wheel suspension. Drawbacks? Two cylinders makes for more time in the garage in the long run... The twin had a tendency to rattle more, though it didnt vibrate as much as the "single", it just some how seamed as the twin wasn´t the same quality as the single engine.

According to P. J. Mickelson, author of "Ski-doo buyers guide", the 1978 Élan Deluxe had an aluminium rail "tourqe slide suspension this year. The picture below from the 1978 swedish brouchure clearly shows the Deluxe with a regular bogie suspension. Mail me if you know the answer.

Total production was 9870 including 200 for the european market  (J. A. Bombadrier museum).
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For 1978 the Deluxe front bumper was painted black. Earlier it was chromed. Bombardier Corp.
Longtrack for the Scandinavian market. It had the 1977 250 Single hood. Bombardier Corp.