74 is my favourite year. Ski-doo made their millionth snowmobile in the 73/74 season- a TīNT Everest. It went straight to the J. A. Bombardier museum in Valcourt Quebec and can be seen there. Twenty years later, in september 1993, Ski-doo produced their 2 millionth sled - a Summit 583. It to went straght for the museum.

In 1974 Elan was avalibale as
250 - Rotax 247. 246,8 cc. 69x66 mm. 12 hp,

250 E (same as 250 but with electric start).

250 Twin - 247,3 cc. 54x54 mm. Two cylinders.
19 hp.

250 De luxe - 247,3 cc. 54x54 mm. Two cylinders and electric start 19 hp.

SS - 293,3 cc. 57x57,5 mm. Two cylinders. In 1974 increased engine size from 250 to 294 cc and a whopping 26 hp!.

Facts according to 74 manual.)
Changes for 74
Changes were made on the bearing and seals on the crankshaft of the Twin. A new driven pulley with a brake drum rolled onto its flangewas used to allow the use of a drum type brake. The 294 SS was set up with a square-shaft, two roller clutch while the rest of the line ran the round-shaft roller clutch. The entire line was fitted with forged, offset ski legs pushing the stance out to 25,5in. Hydraulic shock absorbers were standard on the skis of the SS and Deluxe models in 74. An all steel slide suspension was standard equipment on the SS, a first for the Élan. At 330lb that was the heviest Élan ever built!  according to Phillip J. Mickelson author oF
Ski-doo buyers guide (1994). 
Total production was 27979
(J. A. Bombardier museum).
A million machines can teach you a lot.
The SS borrowed the racing colors from its older brothers- the TīNT F/A and TīNT F/C. Bombardier Corp.
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Thanks Brian S. and Michael W.
Notice the slide suspension and chrome bumper. Bombardier Corp.
A long line of beauties. Bombardier Corp.