1973 featured more models than ever before. 12 hp 250 and 250 Electric and two new twins! The 16 hp 250 Twin had a standard muffler and a single HR carb.

"The hot one" was the 22 hp 250 SS with a disc brake, dual HR carbs, tuned exhaust and new standard chrome bumper. On both two cylinder modells the ski leg bent out at 90 degrees at its bottom for increased stability. The 73 had the widest factory ski stance ever on an Élan. I streched out to 27in with the new ski legs. The twins had them the singles didn´t. 

All Elans recieved a high/low beam headlight, voltage regulator, padded handlebars, brake light and emergency shut off switch on the handlebar. The round shaft roller clutch was new and ball joints were used for the first time on the tie rod ends on Élan 1973 according to Phillip J. Mickelson athour of
Ski-doo buyers guide (1994). Total production was 33973 (J. A.
Bombardier museum).

The 250 T had a muffler the was prone to cracks at the weld between the side of the can and exh. man about 6-8" after the engine. The semi circular SS muffler had no such problems but was heavier. It could be fitted to the 250 T by a bracket to the frame. 
You see that cliff? Boy, Im gonna fly!  Bombardier Corp.
Ski-doo, The Machine That Changed Winter ...Has Changed!
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Pics below feature (from top to right) improved cooling by ducting outside air. In this pic also notice the yellow pulleys. 90 degree ski legs improved cornering on the two cylinder models, the new padded handlebars, adjustable two position headlight and a double walled muffler for the two cylinder models also notice the belt driven fan on the twins. Bombardier Corp.
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