For 595 dollars you got it all. The seccond year Elan got skis with grab bars. It still had the bicycle handlebars and small air intakes on the hood. Notice that the early elans only had three bolts to hold the polycarbonate hood. In later yaers this was later changed to five.

For 1972 the frame was strengthened with angle iron extensions in the engine area that run to the front of the frame. Bombardier added a spot wleded thin steel angleinside the tunnel approx. 24" long at roughly mid lengthas some 71 sleds failed there.

The two forward sets of bogie wheels had a fourth wheel added for 72. An SS 292 version was bulit. It used the same engine that the T´NT had, producing 22 hp. According to Phillip J. Mickelson the author of
Ski-doo buyers guide (1994) most Élan SS were sold in eastern US and Canada.
1972 total production 25514.
(J. A. Bombardier museum).  
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Thanks Todd at vintageskidoo.com for this pic of a private 72 Elan.
Has more going for you. Look at it!
Familly fun with Élan in 72! Notice the yellow inted windshields. Bombardier Corp.
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