The heritage was obvious. Élan  was built on the same simple concept as the very first Ski-doo made.  Élan was the successor of the 1970 Olympique 12/3. 12/3 meant that it had 12 hp and 300 cc.
Go one better, go Ski-doo!
For children and begnners?

The Ski-doo Élan started out of a study to make a snowmobile for children, like the Arctic Cat Kitty Cat. Ski-doo found out that it would cost the same if a regular track and engine was used. The Élan was born. It was made on the same classic principals as J. A. Bombardier used when buliding the first Ski-doo 
-lightness, simplicity and economy.

"Élan is your machine" said Ski-doo in 1971. This was a light and nimble little newcomer destined for a long career. Notice the bicycle handlebars, no intakes on the hood and the super simple 30 1/2in skis without grab handles.

The Elan was avalibale in 250 and 250 electric for the children and newcomers  who fonud the Rotax 247 engine hard to pull over.

With its all steel chassis, fiberglass hood and 15/114in track Élan weighed only 246/282lbs. That was even lighter than the "light footed" Olympique that weighed 295 lbs.
The Olympique heretage was obvious down to the black stripe on the hood. The Élan were to be limited to a max 150 lb load but many adults never read or forgot that detail.

The bogie suspension consisted of three sets of bogies monting three wheels.

In Canada the new Elan cost 645/745 dollars.

Total production the first year was 34707. (J.A. Bombardier musee)
Do you own a 1971 Elan? Let me know!  Bombardier Corp.
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Skis without grab-handles! This early phot also shows the Élan without air inlets on the hood. Bombardier Corp.
The nineteen-seventyone for lightness! Bombardier Corp.
More 1971. Élan blizzard here!
Above: a bunch of "Olys" hit the trails (Olympique 12/3).
My european 1967 Olympique.R 14.