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1978 Blizzard S/S

When you think of vintage race sleds one of the names that always comes to mind is the Blizzard.

In March of 1969, there were rumors of Ski-Doo making a sled designed just for racing. And after Ski-Doo's dominance at the West Yellowstone Round-Up it had everyone wanting to get one of these new sleds. Even as late as the end of July in 1969 it was still a rumor to everyone outside of Valcourt. One of the rumor's was what the sleds were going to be called. It was rumored they were to be called "Blizzard" and that they were a limited build and not every dealership would receive one. The only way could get one is as if a dealer requested one by mail.

In the 1970 sales brochure for the T'NTs, there was a pencil drawing of the Blizzard with a message saying, "And when you're at snowmobile meets this winter, look out for the Blizzard. It's a new concept in racing machines built to keep us on the winning track. Strictly a limited build racer, the Blizzard is recommended for registered racing circuit drivers."

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