1974 Blizzard

Probably the most sought after Blizzard and in my opinion one of the most stylish sleds of all time is the 74 Blizzard. For the winter of 73-74 there was established a pro drivers circuit called Sno-Pro. This pitted the manufacturers best sleds and drivers against one another. Ski-Doo's sno pro entry was the 74 Blizzard. But with the oil embargo, Ski-Doo withdrew their racing program and this fine sled never made it to the track.

Mike Trapp and Yvon Duhamel, the only pro drivers to drive this sweet machine, were still under contact for the remainder of the season. They worked with dealers, schools and snowmobile clubs to show them how to have more fun with less gas. At the end of the season they were return their sleds.

The Find

We all know or most of us know that the only 74 Blizzard to be in existance is the one that Yvon Duhamel has. Rumor has it that a second hood that once belongs to Mike Trapp has surfaced somewhere in the North America. Also rumored is the maybe a reproduction of the 74 Blizzard might be making an appearance within the next couple of years.

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