1972 Blizzard

Again for 1972, Bombardier pull all stops with all new designs that were powered by all new motors. There was 6 motors that were used in the same brand new 15 inch chassis. The motors were mounted low and in front of the tunnel for the first time. An aluminum chaincase was on the right side of the sled. A jackshaft was connected to the chaincase on the right and the aluminum sleaved driven pulley on the left. A Kelsey-Hayes hydraulic brake was used on the sleds.

All the Blizzards had a steel cleated track. The rear suspension was a single piece rail made of aluminum. Most of the components in the suspension were made of aluminum which counted for it to be about 35% lighter than last years skid. There was also chrome plated shocks on the front skis that were adjustable.

The hoods were of a two piece design. The main part of the hood was the same on all the Blizzards. There was also a seperate hinged cover that was in front of the motor that could be changed for two or three cylinder motors. The hood also came without a windshield.

The new triple cylinder motors were 293, 340, 645, and 797. The 645 and 797 were completely new motor not a reworked version of the 1971's. The twin cylinder 395 and 438 were the first production motors to use rotary valves. All motors were free airs and had one carb and tuned expansion chamber for each cylinder.

The twin cylinder rotary valve motors were extremely dependable, easy starting and had a great wide power band. Yvon Duhammel won the 1972 I-500 Winnipeg to St. Paul cross country race with a 72 395 Blizzard.

1972 Blizzard 293 & 340

1972 Blizzard 395 & 438

1972 Blizzard 645 & 797

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