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The 1977 T'NT had a new, all steel chassis and was offered with free air-cooled 340 and 440 and a 440 fan-cooled engine. They also sported a new hood and were often referred to as the "cube" look hood. The new chassis was almost 6 in. shorter than the previous T'NT chassis and also widened to 36.25 in., the width of the Everest chassis. They were fitted with a 16.25x114 in. track. The 440 F/A T'NT encountered many engine problems during the season.

A 340 RV was also available for the season. The chassis and engine remained somewhat unchanged from 1976 but the engine was fitted with two tuned pipes emptying into a single muffler. The RV was never refered to as a T'NT for 1977.

The most exciting sled for the year was the limited-production RV known as the RV Cross Country. The chassis were nearly identical, but the Cross Country had heat exchangers mounted vertically on both sides of the tunnel. The engine was a all new liquid cooled type 354 Rotax. It produced about 75 hp. The engine was fitted with two tuned expansion chambers and two VM38 carbs.

1977 T'NT 340F/A & 440F/A

1977 T'NT 440F/C

1977 340RV

1977 RV Cross Country

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