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For 1976 the T'NT Free Airs were dropped and two RV models were added. There was only one F/C available in the 340 engine. The 440 was available only in the Everest. Late in the season, Ski-Doo produced a limited production of the first liquid-cooled model, the T'NT Everest 444 L/C. Liquid cooling was being studied by all manufacturers as a way to lower sound levels and stable temperatures for the increasingly powerful engines. Ski-Doo's first liquid-cooled engine was a spun off design developed for use in Bombardier's motorcycle line, Can-Am.

The T'NT RVs were geared more towards the high-performance trail sled than the stock race class sled from the previous year. An additional 5in were added to the tunnel and suspension to except the standard 15x114in rubber track. In the process, the belly pan was made higher to provide more room under the hood and the hood itself was made higher. The headlight was moved up from the snout of the sled to on top of the hood, a windshield was added. The snout was opened all the way across allowing air to cool the engine and exhaust system. The cleated track that was on the 1976 245 RV replaced with the standard rubber track. A modified racing kit was available for both the 250 and 340 RVs.

1976 T'NT 340/E

1976 Everest 440/E & L/C

1976 T'NT 250RV & 340RV

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