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There were two models dropped from the line for 1975, they were the 300 F/C and 400 F/A. A lot of new excitement was provided with the addition of a new model late in the season. This particular model was designed to compete in a class dominated by Arctic Cat. Ski-Doo needed to build a presence in this 250 class and they did with the T'NT 245 RV. This sled was entirely brand new and in my opinion one of the best looking sleds that Ski-Doo made. The chassis was all aluminum and the belly pan was fiberglass. The hood was very low and they had no windshield. The headlight was located in the snout of the hood beside the cooling air inlet for the free-air engine. It had widest ski stance to date of 34in.

The RV came with a steel cheated track and titanium cleats were an option. The track was 15 x 105 and was the very first internal or involute track Ski-Doo used in production. Instead of using drive sprockets to move the track, the center band of the track was molded with four rows of rubber lugs and the outer bands had a single row of lugs that engaged the drive sprockets. Under the hood was the reason for it being called RV, an all new 247cc rotary value engine. The Blizzard's used rotary value engine prior, but the T'NT 245 RV was the first production sled to use this design. Also, it was the first Ski-Doo to use Mikuni VM carb's.

Quickly the RV was a strong and successful oval track racer. A 337cc version on the RV was built as a Moto-Ski and was named "Sonic". The Sonic lacked the styling of the RV. Eventually the RV grew into a excellent trail machine.

1975 T'NT 440 Everest

1975 T'NT 340F/A & 440F/A

1975 T'NT 340F/C & 440F/C

1975 T'NT 245RV

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