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There was more dramatic changes to the T'NTs for 1974. All T'NTs were of a front engine design and came standard with slide rail suspension. A long track version of the T'NT was added and called the T'NT 440 Everest. Another milestone was reach during this particular year and that was the production of the one millionth Ski-Doo. It was a T'NT 440 Everest and is on display in the J-Armand Bombardier Museum.

There was again two different groups for 1974, the free airs and fan-cooled, which included the Everest. The F/Cs came with a new frame with the engine mounted in front of the tunnel. The Belly pan was steel while the rest of the tunnel was aluminum. The Everest had the same design, but was 5in longer to except it's 124in track. They also all had a new 16.5in track with the reinforced fiberglass rods like the F/As had from 1973. The hood for the F/Cs was made from a new material that produced great finishes but the durability on it showed up during the riding season. Under a special warranty, Ski-Doo replaced the hood with a polycarbonate hood to owners who wanted them replaced. Electric Start was available on the T'NTs, but not on the Everest. The 294 had a number of problems in 1973 and for this model year received a new crankshaft design, crankcases, and single HR carb. The new version of the engine retained the type # 294, but was called the 300T when used in the 1974 T'NT F/C.

The F/As had some cosmetic changes to the hood and a hood scoop was added around the air opening on the hood. The fuel tank was covered with a textured plastic console the housed the instruments. The hydraulic brake was replaced with a self-adjusting mechanical brake. A new 436.6cc, type 436 engine was available with dual carb's. All F/As came with Polar Fire Ignition and a new 100w lighting coil. They still used the same frames as the previous year, but the aluminum cross member supporting the ski leg spindle housings was replaced with a chrome moly steel cross member.

1974 T'NT 300 & 340/E

1974 T'NT 440/E

1974 T'NT 340 F/A & 400 F/A

1974 T'NT 440F/A

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