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For 1972, Ski-Doo broke away from the traditional yellow and black hoods and added a wide white stripe in the black center of the hood. The sides of the hood were yellow with red reflector tape stripping.. A new fiberglass hood was added to the T'NTs. The 335cc single cylinder Rotax was replaced by a fan-cooled twin cylinder and the first tuned muffler to be used on a T'NT (the 440 and 400 also had tuned exhaust). Only the 1970 Blizzard 292 and 340 had tuned mufflers prior to 1972. Before now the only concern was with lowering the noise level, not increasing horsepower.

This was also the first year that Ski-Doo put a free-air cooled engine into a T'NT. The T'NT 400's hood had a large opening below the headlight to allow air to cool air to directly flow over the engine. It also didn't have the white stripe going down it's hood. Slide rail suspension was standard on the 400, but the other 1972 T'NTs still had the option of slide's or bogie wheels. For models with a 15in track there was two idler wheels mounted on the outside of the drive sprockets and rear axles. The 18in tracks had an additional idler wheel in the center of their axles. There was also available for the 1972 model year a limited number of T'NT Special 340 (Model# 2415) and a T'NT Special 440 (Model# 2416). These were produced with plated skis and shock absorbers. Mounting these shocks required the use of a different ski leg, which these macnines came equipped with.

An emergency cut-off switch was available for the T'NT and Blizzard models in 1972. It was mounted on the right side of the handlebars. A tachometer and speedometer were standard on all T'NT models.

1972 T'NT 292 & 340

1972 T'NT 400F/A

1972 T'NT 440

1972 T'NT 640 & 775

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