1972 T'NT 400

Type: Twin Cylinder Rotax Type 398
Location: Center Mounted
Displacement: 393.6cc
Bore: 64.5mm
Stroke: 61mm
Horsepower: 40hp
Carburetion: 2 x HD104A
Sprocket Ratio: 18:34
Ignition System: Magneto
Engine Cooling: Free Air
Braking System: Manually adjusted Disk
Exhaust System: Tuned Muffler

Material: Steel
Length: 99in
Width: 30.625in
Ski Type: Steel
Ski Stance: 27in

Front: Leaf Springs with Shocks
Rear: Slide rail

Type: Rubber
Width: 15in
Length: 114 in

General Information:
Model #2414
Hood Color:Yellow
Accent Color:Black & White
Belly Pan Color:Black
Tunnel Color:Black
Ski Color:Chrome
Dry Weight: 410lb
Fuel Capacity: 6.25 Gal
Gasoline: Regular
Gas/Oil Ratio: 20:1
Speedometer: Standard
Tachometer: Standard

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