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This was Ski-Doo's first year for a slide rail suspension on the T'NT. This was an option for only $20 on every model except for the 775. They came standard on that particular model. The T'NT 15in and 18in chassis were fundamentally unchanged from the previous year The slide tracks were the same as the bogie tracks except of a wide insert clip to allow a sliding surface for the slider shoes. The T'NT models receive some minor cosmetic changes. A black decal was added to the sides of the hood behind the louvers on the 18in chassis. A circular patch with T'NT on it was added to the sides of the hump on the seat.

The 771 was all new engine based on the 669 engine. It came with twin Tillotson HD carburetors. The 640 was basically at 669 with 76mm bore cylinders and pistons. The 292, 340, and 399 received minor changes for the year.

1970 T'NT 292 & 340

1970 T'NT 399

1970 T'NT 640 & 775

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