1968 T'NT

When it was decided to supply the new engine complete with chassis, several modifications were performed to a Olympique Super 370 chassis (model # was T'NT 8). An angle iron was placed across the chassis to strengthen the engine mounting area. The ski springs had a leaf added and the ski legs were made stronger. A spreader bar was placed in the rear of the tunnel to strengthen it. The drive axle, which had been hollow on all previous Ski-Doo's to allow lubrication of the right side axle bearing by the chaincase oil, was replaced with a solid axle mounting urethane drive sprockets. To center the engine on the chassis, a new beefed-up chaincase, offset to the left, was designed. The new chaincase mounted a pivoting arm brake, used the standard 1/2in pitch, single row roller chain but was fitted with a strengthen driven pulley. The new hood designed for the 600 was a sign of things to come from Ski-Doo. The hood had two openings at the sides just above the black stripe on the hood. A separate, fiberglass scoop was riveted to the opening, giving the hood a distinctive look. The hood was yellow with a black stripe, typical of all the 1968 Ski-Doo's, but centered on the retractable headlight was a large solid black dot. On the hood scoops was a rectangular, red, white, "t'nt" was printed in the white lower case letters separated with a white vertical stripe from the blue area which contained "600," also printed in white. The windshield was very low and the seat was brand new, only an upholstered "hump" at the rear. A tool storage area was provided at the front of the seat.

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