Welcome to your one-stop-shop for vintage ski-doo parts. 2016 marks my 6th year of full time operations and I'm loving every minute of it.  Before the big switch to doing this full time I'd been making vintage ski-doo seats for 10 years, which means I've been at this for almost 16 years now.  Somewhere in the middle there I started selling reproduction parts and that lead to me buying my first ski doo parts inventory from an old dealership in 2009.  Since then I've bought many more dealers both big and small.  And even though the NOS parts are limited I still have a large inventory of them and rew reproduction parts coming out all the time.

Ordering from Gooseland
To order please contact me via email or give me a call at 612-462-3994. I accept PayPal, credit cards and checks or MOs. With all the shipping I do to Canada and Europe auto shipping cost calculations were not up to snuff.  Plus by contacting me dirreclty I can help make sure you get the right parts



Here are some of my Latest reproduction parts and offerings.

4-11-2016 Reprodcution vintage ski doo sled crate sides
I have a mini version at 24"x48" for $30 and the full 31"x86" version is $45

4-06-2016 the 1975 Elan 250 decals 
Here is my first new decal kit of 2016.

1-13-2016 the 1969 320 Olympic hood
Here is my first product of 2016. Like most of my hoods the cost is $370 USD.

4-24-2015  '74-'77 TNT and Everest fan cooled hood.

4-21-2015  HL, HR and HD aluminum ram tubes
These little velocity stacks came out super nice. The HLs are $45, the HRs are $50 and the HDs are $55

4-10-2015  '72-'79 Elan windshield rubbers
Here is one of those items that is just tough to find. The '72-'79 Elan windshield rubbers.  They are $95 each.

3-30-2015  '68-'70 Bubblenose belly pan protectors
Here is an odd item I got in the last old ski-doo dealership I bought out from Canada. A fiberglass belly pan protector for your '68-'70 Bubblenose Olympic or TNT. They are $70

2-18-2015  '75-'78 RV F/A motor mounts
Here is a new item the motor mount plate for the '75-'78 F/A RVs.  This is the '76 RV cut out pattern but will fit all the RVs They are $80 each.

12-31-2014  '78-'84 Blizzards, '74-'77 TNTs, '75 and up Olympic handle bar pads
This item has been one of most asked for parts ever. It's taken a long time but here it is. The handle bar pad with the big curve. The cost is $120 plus shipping. That is the same price as the RV and Elan handle bar pads.


8-25-2014  '75-'79 RV air-box to carb boots
People have been asking for this one for a while now. Here are the '75-'79 RV air-box to carb boots. The part number 570-1327.  They are $55 for the pair.

8-12-2014 '72 Elan SS 292 consoles 
I've been working on this one for a while and I just got my first parts out of the mold today.  They are fiberglass and look and fit awesome.  They are $125 each. Also remember I have the full decal kit for the '72 Elan SS for $100. And as always I make seats for them too for $240.


5-15-2014 Reproduction oil cans in new sealable cans
Here are some of my reproduction oil cans made from sealable tin cans.  With these new cans yo can store candy or what ever yo like in them. These are $15 each

5-08-2014 Rubber bumper joint for the '68, '69, '70 TNTs and Olympics
Here is my latest rubber part.  The Rubber bumper joint or as the parts book calls it, Front Bumper part number 570-1701. They are $55 each.

4-24-2014 Ski tips
Here are the ski-tips from '73-'78, These were used on the Blizzards, TNTs, Olympics and others. These ski tips were expertly made and fit wonderfully. They are $40 each. The part number is 570-0511-00

4-18-2014 Clocks
With the new decal creating system I purchased I've expanded my line of clock faces I make. I can now put just about anything in the center of the clock face.  A clock face decal kit is $15.  For a full clock kit, which includes the clock face decal kit, metal face that bolts into a fan shroud and clock movement the price is $25.  I also make a clocks from singles and twins that are ready to hang on the wall for $50. Here are a few of what should be some popular examples.

4-18-2014 Decals! Decals! Decals

I recently bought a used decal making system.  I can now design, print and cut all the decals we can dream up.  So start looking for those old ski-doo decals, bumper stickers and even oil cans.  Check out the updated decals page but here are are the new reprodcution oil cans.  $10 each.


4-11-2014 Rubber cab latches for '90s Elans and late 80's just about everything else
Here come a new line of rubber products. First out of the gate are new reproduction cab latches that fit late model Elans and late 80's Tundras, Citations and a host of others. They are $15 each. Their part number is 570-2771-00

4-10-2014 Key fobs based on motor crests
I now offer a rectangular key fob based on the '71-'74 motor crests. I make them in all motor size for $5 each.  I will also make custom ones for $13 each.  I also still offer the ones I make from original yellow windshield material they are also $5

4-8-2014 Motor crests
I now offer the '71-'74  rectangular motor crests in orange and black. I make them for all the motor sizes for $30.  I will also make custom ones.

6-12-2013 Vintage ski doo '72 TNT 400 F/A hood

I now offer both the '72 ski doo TNT 400 F/A hood.  Like most of my hoods the cost is $370.

6-09-2013 Vitnage ski doo RV handle bar grips
I now offer the RV and Sonic grips.  The cost is $65 per pair.  I have black, blue and even the gray for the '75 Sonic TS.

5-28-2013 Vitnage ski doo '71 Blizzard Hyfax
I now offer both the front and rear bottom hyfax for all the '71 Blizzards with slide suspensions. The set of four sticks is $98.

5-24-2013 Vitnage ski doo Kozies
I am now offering a nice red can kozie for those folks who love the '65 and older ski-doos.  They are $12 each.  The ones with the patches are $15 each, but I'm just about out of patches.  Once they are gone I'll have embroidered ones for $12.


5-15-2013 Vitnage ski doo gaskets

I am now offering a nice line of ski doo aluminum head and fiber paper base gaskets,  I have them for the RVs, 775s, '70 640 twin Blizzards and I also have the center crank case U shaped gaskets for the single cylinder Rotax motors

4-24-2013 1975-1978 RV and 1973-1996 Elan handle bar pads


I am now the only official retailer of the brand new reproduction Ski-Doo and Moto-Ski handle bar pads. These pads are perfect matches for the originals and come in Ski-doo black, Moto-Ski blue and even gray for the '75 Moto-Ski TS. Please be aware these are exclusively sold through me and anyone else selling these online do not have the product.  These fit the '73-'96 Elans,  Olympics, Citations, Elites, and of course the RV and Sonics from '75-'78.  The cost is $120 per pad.

4-17-2013 1969 and 1970 Olympic and TNT 399 coil covers.


I now offer Both styles of 399 coil covers.  The 1969 style is $75 and the 1970 style is $85.  Note that the emblems are not included but I do sell the '70 style emblem for $25. 

4-7-2013 Hyfax for Elans and Silver Bullets


I now offer new reproduction Elan and Silver Bullet hyfax.  They are $65 for the pair. These are pre-drilled and are ready to install. 

Make sure to check out Dennis' new vintage sled venture.  I'll be carrying all his ski doo paint colors including "goose yellow" which Dennis matched to my fiberglass yellow gelcoat.

7-5-2012.  Here are a few of my latest products. I have the Indak kill and dimmer switch boots.  They are $10 each.  I also have the 1976 RV tethers and dead-man plugs. That combo is $95, but if you just need a dead-man plug they are $25.  I also have the long awaited black Goose Army t-shirt!!! Those are $10.


4-12-2012 Wiring harnesses for RVs, '71 & '72 TNTs and just off the work bench (far right photo) is the 1970 TNT 292/340


I am also offering 8-pin, 6-pin, 4-pin, 2-pin (head light style) and single pin electrical conectors


Here are a couple of my favorie all time sites that I now host
Bob's TNT page  and The Elan page 

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I now offer a fiberglass hood for the '74-'77 TNT and Everest.  They come in black gelcoat and are ready for stickers! They are $370 each.
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